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Now is the right moment to reduce your current customer service costs and increase your team’s productivity. Our pricing model is based on the use of our Artificial Intelligence technology.


  • AI Self-Service Conversations
    Up to 120 customers/mo
  • Unlimited Live Agent Conversations
  • CRM
  • Knowledgebase up to 100 FAQs
  • 3-months Historical Analytics

  • Everything at Pro Version and…
  • AI Self-Service Conversations
    Up to 1,200 customers/mo
  • 10 Agents (Your Team)
  • 15,000 Email Marketing
  • 6 Native Languages
  • Knowledgebase up to 500 FAQs
  • Full Historical Analytics

  • Everything you need
  • Unlimited AI Self-Service Conversations
  • Unlimited Support Agents
  • On-Demand Integrations
  • 8 Native Natural Languages
  • Unlimited Data in Knowledgebase
  • Customisable Reports
  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Turn-key Solution
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LLUIS FONTCEO at Agiles Sales

JOAN MAYANSMarketing & Digital strategy manager at Government of Catalonia


Why choose Marketeer?

It’s simple. Marketeer saves you time and money.

Marketeer provides a 24×7 service that can automatically engage every visitor using human-like conversation to capture leads, or intelligently escalate to a live agent. Marketeer can talk with your customers in real-time and the process of adding information is very simple. You can add information to your Knowledge Base directly or let Marketeer learns from your interactions with your customers thanks to our unique machine learning system.

Can Marketeer be integrated onto mobile platforms?

Marketeer is designed to work on the latest major Smartphones as well as tablets (iPad / iPhone / Android). You don’t need to do anything special, once it is integrated onto your website, it will work the same on PCs and mobiles. What if I already have a website that is adapted to use on mobiles? In that case, you should contact one of our sales team. It is possible to integrate Marketeer onto these websites.

Guarantee and commitment

We offer a variety of product plans suited to different needs. All of the products are competitively priced, and were specially designed to increase your clients’ satisfaction. There is a free version so you can try out the product, allowing you to evaluate the tool and see how useful it is at no cost.

How is it installed?

The integration process is very straightforward. Your Marketeer account will have its own dashboard. You can easily configure the questions and answers you would like to give, any offers (depending on the plan you have and if it includes cross-selling), welcome messages and anything else that you would like your Marketeer to do for your company. Once it is set up, paste a JavaScript code on your website, and then it is ready.

What are the advantages of Marketeer?

Marketeer is a first-level customer service solution for your website. Marketeer offers you the opportunity to provide a completely personalized service to all of your website’s users. It is a multilingual service that can manage thousands of clients at a reduced cost. The aim is not to replace traditional customer care channels; Marketeer is a support tool that improves the quality of assistance, and offers self-service solutions that will improve your current website’s rate of conversion.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your plan at anytime.


Improve your customer satisfaction with a 24×7 intelligent self-service