Hybrid Live ChatAI Bots
Work less and work better.
Talk to your visitors faster than ever.
Be available 24x7 to your customers.
Low Friction in Contacting More Visitors.


The fact that you have visitors in your website doesn’t mean they want to talk with you; maybe they just want to find information for themselves. But, sometimes, they need help, and that’s when and why a self-service system helps them.

Activate Hybrid Live Chat and let the system learn from your interactions to build a knowledge base and reply to your customers 24×7.

Start with a live chat and build a knowledge base in your own time. After you have created one, use the autonomous mode and leave Marketeer to respond to your visitors instantly. Besides the fact that you are saving them a lot of time, users are more comfortable knowing more about your company. And when they really need human interaction, you’ll be there to catch up.

The best Live Support. The best Self-Service

Marketeer is available for every visitor and you’ll talk to just the ones who are already qualified.

Do not lose quality with your customers’ communications. Use the power of innovative technologies like Marketeer, to improve your customer success.

Marketeer helps your agents in real-time

Build a Knowledge base while your agents are providing the right customer support. This will ensure that your company is always giving the right message.

See who is online and what they are doing

Engage with your visitors based on their activity, what they are visiting, asking or simply clicking on your website.

Check visitors, what they are doing, visiting, asking to your Marketeer, and engage with them in real-time.

Escalate chats to your team members. Simple reassign a chat with an internal message to your team member when you need it.

Do not lose any conversation, reconnect at anytime.

If your customer leave a conversation, you can reconnect with them quick and fast. The system will detects that the visitor left, and will send an email back. When the user open your website again, you can continue your conversation!

Activate the Autonomous Mode

Marketeer will reply instantly to your customers accessing to the information you provided at the knowledge base.


The smartest way to provide live support

Never offline. Instant replies using our intelligent matching process. Push notifications to your visitors. Track users and create smart rules… and much more