Marketeer: The Bot That Learns From Live Chat

Better digital interactions by enabling AI to Customer Communications


I'm sure you will see this feature as extremely helpful

See Who Is Online On Your Website Right Now

Transform your unknown visitors into known leads. See It Now!

Check who is online
convert visitors into leads
Send An Email Campaign

Use our insider email campaign tool or WoodPecker Email Marketing Solution

Track On And Offline

Simply see who and when they open and clicks

Send Targeted Messages

Marketeer will alerts you when the emailed contact is at your website

Chat With Them

With the Bot or with an agent of your company

Filtering and Capturing Leads

Analytics can track customer behaviour, including website visits and shopping cart abandonment. Marketeer can automate that process, providing real-time alerts when previous leads are visiting a business’s website, while also responding to their important questions in realtime.

Boost Your Customer Satisfaction
Marketeer Bot on Facebook

Give The Same Service On All Your Channels

It is very important to be where your customers are.

For example: Facebook. Bots for Messenger are for anyone who’s trying to reach people on mobile – no matter what size your company, what the idea is, or what problem you’re trying to solve. This idea gets more complicated by adding a cart. Our bot can be your seller or customer service representative at your social networks with a fully adaptive system.

Try It Now! Scan this QR with your Facebook Messenger and ask “hi” to our Bot in Messenger.

QR Facebook messenger_code Marketeer

Help: How to do it.

  1. Open your Facebook Messenger App at your mobile
  2. Access to “People”, the second bottom option from the right side
  3. Click “Scan Code” and point our logo
  4. Ask “Hi!”

Special Features

Omni Channel solution makes it easy

Marketeer can get your business connected to any API or Webservice needed

Social Networks e-Commerce

Behind your content marketing we will build a real ROI

Take productivity to the next level

Not only online, even offline.

Seamless CRM / ERP Integration

Sync information in a secure environment

Omni Channel Automations Flows

Communicate through any channel to any customer, while keeping a single customer timeline history.

Unique Knowledge Base

Share the same information at all the customer service levels, including marketing, support and sales.


Multi-device, easy integration from desktop to mobile. No plugins. See what they see, manage what you need.

Customer And Visitors Tracking

Add information to your leads to gain customers. See where, when and what they do. Keep track of their history on any channel.

Marketeer A.I. Engage

Without automation, sales professionals can waste days sorting through leads and following up. A.I. built into sales platforms can help filter through those leads based on data patterns. The end result is a list of leads that may be more likely to eventually buy your product or service.