Marketeer Bots that Learn from Live Chat

Improve interactions with your visitors and customers thanks to the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence

I'm sure you would find this functionality very interesting

Find Out Who VisitsYour Website Right Now

Transforms unknown visitors into potential customers. Try It Now!

Check who is online
convert visitors into leads
Send a Marketing Campaign

Through our own campaign delivery tool or by using the powerful WoodPecker

Make a Follow-Up On and Offline

You will simply know when they saw and clicked on your email

Send Direct Messages

Marketeer will notify you when the contact is surfing the web

Chat With Them

Whether with the Bot or with someone in your team, instantly improve your conversion

Filter and Capture Leads

Analytics can record your customers’ behaviors, including visits and dropouts. Marketeer can automate that process by offering you real-time alerts when a lead visits you, even automatically responding to your important queries.

Boost Your Customer Satisfaction
Marketeer Bot on Facebook

Offers The Same Customer Service In All Channels

The importance of being where your customer is.

For example, on Facebook. Bots  work on Facebook Messenger so that anyone with a mobile can locate your company and interact with it without leaving the application. The Bot of Marketeer can serve the client and even sell you, as anyone in your company, automatically, multi-language and in real time.

Try it now! Scan the QR code you see below with the Facebook Messenger application.

QR Facebook messenger_code Marketeer

How to do it:

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger application on your mobile
  2. Click on “People”, the second option on the right of the bottom menu
  3. Click on “Scan code” and point to the image above
  4. Say “Hi!”

Special Features

An Easy Omni-Channel Solution to Connect

Thanks to our APIs, Marketeer allows you to be connected to any API, WebService or Platform you need

e-Commerce on Social Media

Along with good Content Marketing, we build a great interactive business

Increase Productivity to a Higher Level

Serving your customer even when your team is not online.

Customized CRM / ERP Integrations

Synchronizing information in highly secure environments

Omni-Channel Automations

Allowing you to talk to any customer from any channel, while retaining a unified customer history

Single Knowledge Base

Sharing the same information at all levels of customer service, including marketing, support and sales


Multi-device, easy integration into desktop and mobile. No plugins. See what they see, handle what you need

Track Your Visitors and Clients

Give more information to your visitors to transform them into customers. Give clear tracking and save the report of everything they do on their channels.

Marketeer adds intelligent automatism to your communication

Without automation, commercials and customer service, you may lose hours and even days, trying to understand the candidates and making them follow up correctly. With Marketeer, you help your team solve the task in much less time. To obtain as a result, a qualified list of contacts who are eventually more interested in purchasing your product and / or service.